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Electronic Technology Review

Virtual reality (VR) is a rapidly growing technology that may create a great immersive electronic environment because of its users. The VR encounter can be used in several applications, by entertainment to training and ruse. It can also be applied to education and training, exercise and wellness, treatments and healthcare, and in a store.

This article reveals a review of VR as a technology and significant use situations in which it is actually currently applied. A wide range of documents was obtained using a availablility of common paper search engines/websites such as Yahoo Scholar, MDPI, ResearchGate and PubMed, employing combinations of keywords which includes „VR” or „virtual reality” with words such as „education”, „training”, „simulation”, „games”, „immersive”, „non-immersive”, and „manufacturing”. The selected papers were extensively reviewed to get a representative and up dated review of your VR and it is current application.

For example , VR can be used to offer people a first-hand experience of conditions that would usually be extremely hard to visit in the real world, including underwater or space. This is certainly particularly useful for educational functions, such as permitting students to set up their own expertise by researching history from direct accounts of these who were living it.

VR can also be used to allow iptech.one visitors to practice expertise that are hard to safely reproduce in the real-world, such as driving a vehicle or traveling a plane. This can help reduce the risk of injury. It can also enable people to see concerts that they might be not able to go to due to length, expense or other factors.

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