OMTEX CLASSES: External Factors influencing Capital Structure?

//OMTEX CLASSES: External Factors influencing Capital Structure?

OMTEX CLASSES: External Factors influencing Capital Structure?

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This tax shield makes debt financing more attractive for companies, especially those with higher tax liabilities. The cost of capital plays a pivotal role in business and investment decisions, helping organizations to evaluate their investment opportunities and optimize their financial structure. This article will provide a comprehensive understanding of the cost of capital, its components, and applications in the Indian context.

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AZEK CO INC. Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial ….

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The inner fee of return , on the other hand, is the low cost fee used in capital budgeting that makes the web present value of all money flows from a selected challenge equal to zero. For example, a company could evaluate an funding in a brand new plant versus increasing an current plant primarily based on the IRR of every project. Once price of debt and value of fairness have been decided, their mix, the weighted average price of capital , may be calculated. A shut relationship exists between WACC and IRR, nevertheless, as a result of together these ideas make up the decision for IRR calculations.

Investors may ask for a larger return on equity investments during a period of low interest rates in order to make up for the lost opportunity cost of not purchasing bonds or other fixed income products. The capital structure and cost of capital are unaffected by current assets such as cash and cash equivalents, prepaid liabilities, inventory, and so forth. Is part of the IIFL Group, a leading financial services player and a diversified NBFC. The site provides comprehensive and real time information on Indian corporates, sectors, financial markets and economy. On the site we feature industry and political leaders, entrepreneurs, and trend setters. The research, personal finance and market tutorial sections are widely followed by students, academia, corporates and investors among others.

Impact on Business Strategies and Investment Decisions

The concept of cost of capital is an important and fundamental concept of theory of financial management. First, in capital budgeting it is used to discount the future cash flows to obtain their present values, and second, it is also used in optimization of the financial plan or capital structure of a firm. The second aspect of the concept of cost of capital will be taken up in Chapter 8. In the present chapter, an attempt has been made towards the determination and measurement of this discount rate i.e., the cost of capital besides analyzing other related aspects.

The company’s long-term financing is represented by long-term loans, along with preferred stocks and net worth. When comparing capital structures, analysts and investors look at the debt to equity ratio. An excessively high debt to equity ratio could mean a company is not using its growth potential and is paying too much for capital. Companies need capital to finance operations, organic growth, acquisitions and returning cash to shareholders. A capital structure that is too reliant on the debt will leave less cash available for management compensation and free cash.

Net debt ratios are widely used in credit analysis, and the quick and current ratios are the most common. In general, lower debt levels are more attractive than higher equity levels, and credit agencies use this ratio to determine the quality of a company’s capital structure. Capital structure is an important factor in gauging a company’s potential.

study material

Sometimes company makes sufficient profit but it is not able to generate cash inflow for making payments. ABC Ltd. has just declared and paid a dividend at the rate 15% on the equity share of ` 100 each. Find out the cost of capital of equity shares given that the present market value of the share is ` 168.


Whereas there is less cost involved in raising factors affecting cost of capital by loans or advances. It represents the part of overall business earnings that can be used by owners without impairing the ongoing operations. In case of an acquisition, the cost of capital would refer to the rate at which the funds are borrowed. In terms of application, the cost would refer to the return on investments. That the current market price of the share is a function of future expected dividends. If the preference shares are redeemable at the end of a specific period, then the cost of capital of preference shares can be calculated by Equation 5.5 (which is very similar to Equation 5.3).

However, the share price at year ‘n’ is itself the present value of all the future expected dividends plusthe subsequent sale proceeds. The sale of a share and the selling price thereof can be seen as merely transferring the right of future dividends for a price. The share price, therefore at any time can be taken as the present value of all the future expected dividends infinitely. ABC Ltd. issues 15% Preference shares of the face value of ` 100 each at a flotation cost of 4%.

Cost of Preference Share Capital

The financials of a particular company are often termed as fundamental factors. And the financial performance of a company is one of the most important factors affecting share prices in India. Investors will often overlook companies with weak financial performance, thereby leading to a downward spiral in the stock price. Whenever the proportion of equity and debt maximizes the value of the company’s equity share, it is said that the capital structure is optimal.

The return the investors expect based on the ideal index performance is amongst the factors affecting the cost of equity. The higher the expected market return, the higher the cost of equity and vice versa. The price, at which a company’s stock is traded in the market, is one of the factors that determine the cost of equity. Assuming other factors remain constant, the higher the market value, the lower is the cost of equity and vice versa. The sample size 15 is very small and on the basis of such a small sample size, the generalized conclusions cannot be drawn. The results of the study show no relationship between the interest coverage ratio and capital structure as the p value of .228 is not significant.

It stands for the return on investment that shareholders anticipate getting in return for the risk they take on by purchasing the company’s stock. The cost of equity is a key idea in corporate finance since it is used to calculate a business’s weighted average cost of capital . The WACC is the mean expense of all the capital that an organization has raised to finance its operations, including debt and equity. The WACC is used to determine whether or not investment initiatives are financially feasible. According to this theory, a judicious mix of debt and equity capital can increase the value of the firm by reducing the weighted average cost of capital upto certain level of debt.

Investors always try to stay away from investing in countries going through political uncertainty or turmoil, since such a scenario significantly increases the risk of their capital being eroded. Also, any major shift in the internal political scenario can, in the short-term, dictate the price movement of the shares in the stock market. Most investors tend to discount the impact of the current economic climate when predicting the price movement of shares.

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The weighted average value of capital is the speed that an organization is predicted to pay on average to all its safety holders to finance its belongings. The cost of equity is influenced by factors such as market risk, company-specific risk, and investor expectations. In the Indian context, macroeconomic factors like GDP growth, inflation, and government policies can also impact the cost of equity. The investors may also like to add a premium with reference to other factors.

When the cost of capital increases, value of the firm will also decrease. Capital structure refers to how a company gets money to run its business and grow. It’s like a recipe that shows how much money comes from borrowing and how much comes from selling ownership . A company’s capital structure affects how much risk it takes and how much it can grow, and it’s important to choose the right balance of debt and equity to be successful. The existing market conditions of the industry where the funds are to be invested play an important role in determining the cost of capital.

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Interest rates play a crucial role in determining the cost of capital, especially for debt financing. In the Indian context, the RBI’s monetary policy and repo rate changes directly impact businesses’ borrowing costs. Higher interest rates increase the cost of capital, potentially discouraging investments.

How does market threat affect the price of capital?

Companies that are moderately geared, in the range of gearing ratio of 50 percent until 85 percent, have been able to generate a good ROE. Hence, low-geared companies and very highly geared companies need to work on improving their ROE by either increasing or reducing their debt-equity mix respectively. The financial manager must decide whether the firm should distribute all profits, or retain them, or distribute a portion and retain the balance.

However, if the preference shares are redeemable at par i.e., ` 100, then kₚ comes to 15.83%. This increase in cost of capital from 15.63% to 15.83% arises because of premium of ` 4 payable at the time of redemption. This premium is a gain to shareholders but reflect a cost to the company as indicated by the increase in cost of capital. The opportunity cost of the investors depends upon the nature and type of security being offered by the firm.

NPV is the difference between the present value of cash inflows and outflows of a project, discounted at the company’s cost of capital. A positive NPV indicates that the project is expected to create value for shareholders. Interest expenses on debt are tax-deductible in India, which reduces the effective cost of debt for businesses.

  • NPV is the difference between the present value of cash inflows and outflows of a project, discounted at the company’s cost of capital.
  • On the other hand, if the market conditions are such that investments will have a high and secured return, then the risk will be lower and obviously, the cost of capital will be less.
  • If capital structure or financial leverage decisions have an effect on the value of the firm, then a Capital Structure which maximizes the value of a firm is said to be the Optimal Capital Structure.
  • This is possible solely when the firm earns a return on the initiatives financed by equity shareholders funds at a rate which is no less than equal to the speed of return expected by them.
  • Investors, in general, like to maintain their purchasing power and therefore, like to be compensated for the loss in purchasing power over the period of lending or supply of funds.

Now, the investor before making a decision to invest the funds in the firm will compare the returns offered by the firm with the returns he can get elsewhere. In other words, the investor will be ready to supply the funds only if the firm offers a return which is at least equal to the opportunity cost of the investor. The opportunity cost of the investor may be defined as the return foregone by the investor on the alternative investment opportunity of the same or comparable risk. So, the cost of capital of the firm may be defined as the opportunity cost of the suppliers of funds i.e., the investors. These funds can be procured from different types of investors i.e., equity shareholders, preference shareholders, debt holders, depositors etc.

This stream of dividends may then be discounted to get the present value of such stream. The rate of discount at which the expected dividends are discounted to determine their present value is known as the cost of equity share capital. It equals the speed of return on a challenge or investment with comparable danger. A company’s cost of capital is the rate of return the company would earn if it invested its capital in an organization of equal threat. Because of tax advantages on debt issuance, it will be cheaper to concern debt somewhat than new fairness . At some point, nonetheless, the price of issuing new debt shall be higher than the price of issuing new equity.

In periods of high market volatility, investors may demand higher returns on their equity investments to account for the increased risk, leading to a higher cost of equity for companies. Inflation affects the cost of capital by influencing interest rates and investor expectations. High inflation may lead to increased interest rates, resulting in a higher cost of debt. Additionally, investors may demand higher returns on equity investments to compensate for the loss of purchasing power due to inflation. Economic conditions, capital structure, the dividend policy of a firm, income tax rates, investment decisions are amongst some factors that affect the WACC of a firm.

It consists of Equity Capital, Net Worth, Total Borrowing and Reserves and Surplus. Now keep track of your cash flow and manage your incomes and expenses with ease by using the Cashbook app by Khatabook. Check your Securities /MF/ Bonds in the consolidated account statement issued by NSDL/CDSL every month. Pay 20% or „var + elm” whichever is higher as upfront margin of the transaction value to trade in cash market segment.

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